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Jeremy Lim Zhe Yuan

Jeremy Lim
Piano Teacher (Star Teacher)
  • Graduate of the Department of Music at National Taiwan Normal University
  • Specializing in classical piano
  • Holds a Master's degree from the Liszt School of Music Weimar, Germany
  • With 6 years of Piano Teaching Experience
Educational Background:
  • Started learning the piano at the age of 13 and obtained the ABRSM Grade 8 Performance Diploma within three years.
  • Admitted to the Department of Music at National Taiwan Normal University, majoring in classical piano under the tutelage of renowned pianists Lai Lijun and Wang Jiezhen.
  • Pursued a Master's degree at the Liszt School of Music Weimar in Germany, studying under Michael Klepper and Richard Eikens.

Achievements and Experience:
  • Actively participated in the wind orchestra, choir, and pursued vocal studies during high school. Engaged in vocal solo competitions and piano accompaniment.
  • Served as the music teacher and choir director at Yong Peng Secondary School in Johor, Malaysia, and as a piano teacher at a music academy.
  • Participated in numerous solo and ensemble concerts, accumulating extensive performance experience.
  • Performed in various opera houses during the stay in Germany, gaining rich experience in musical performance.

Teaching Style:
  • With a wealth of teaching experience, Teacher Jeremy focuses on cultivating hand positioning and finger techniques to establish a solid foundation for students.
  • Emphasizes the development of musical understanding, adept at inspiring students' profound comprehension of music, and guides them towards self-directed learning and a genuine love for music.
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