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Hii Yi Qing

Hii Yi Qing
Piano and Vocal Teacher
  • Graduated from the prominent UCSI University's Music Department in Malaysia
  • Majoring in Piano with a Minor in Vocal
  • With 5 years of Piano Teaching Experience
Educational Background:
  • Hailing from Malaysia, began learning the piano at the age of 10.
  • Graduated from UCSI University's Music Department in Malaysia, majoring in piano with a minor in vocal, earning a first-class honors degree.
  • Holds a performance diploma from Trinity College London (TCL).

Achievements and Experience:
  • Served as an organist, choir accompanist, and chorister during church ministry.
  • Regularly participated in piano and singing performances and competitions during school, representing UCSI Chamber Choir in international competitions.
  • Collaborated with Kuala Lumpur City Opera in 2019 to perform the role of a fairy in Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute".
  • Brings 5 years of teaching experience, proficient in both piano and vocal instruction.

Teaching Style:
  • Emphasizes fundamental training, particularly focusing on techniques such as fingerings and sight-reading.
  • Utilizes singing to help students comprehend musical pieces.
  • Engages with students through questioning and storytelling in class, aiding them in expressing music more effectively.
  • Sets a positive example for students, as Teacher Hii practices and vocalizes in the studio whenever there isn't a class, encouraging students to practice in their free time.
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