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The Piano Solution

Welcome to The Piano Solution, your dedicated partner in music education based in Singapore. As a leading provider of online music lessons, we specialise in offering comprehensive piano and violin lessons. Our experienced and passionate teachers are committed to providing high-quality lessons tailored to individual learning styles, ensuring that students of all ages and skill levels can embark on a musical journey that suits their needs and preferences.

At The Piano Solution, we help our students efficiently learn music while cultivating a sense of passion and interest in its artistry. We encourage every child to open their mind to fresh experiences through music appreciation and understanding.

The Academy Director, Ms. Vicky Ma, along with our carefully selected team of experienced teachers, strive to enable each student to blossom and attain their fullest potential in the shortest amount of time. We do so with refreshing and efficient pedagogy methods, staying current on the latest musical examination requirements from ABRSM, music theory, aural skills, and playing techniques. Every student receives lessons individually tailored to his or her interests and learning abilities to expedite their mastery of the piano.

There’s no better place for your child to grow their musical talent. Learn with us at The Piano Solution.

Welcome to The Piano Solution, your dedicated music education partner in Singapore. We are a top provider of comprehensive piano, violin, vocal and music theory lessons. Our professional and motivated teachers are dedicated to providing high-quality lessons that are tailored to individual learning styles. We ensure that students of all ages and skill levels can begin a musical journey that is properly tailored to their requirements and preferences.
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