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Ye Bingxin


Ye Bingxin
Piano Teacher (Star Teacher)
  • Graduate of the Piano Department at the London College of Music (LCM), holding both undergraduate and master's degrees
  • With 5 years of Piano Teaching Experience
Educational Background:
  • Completed both undergraduate and master's degrees at the Piano Department of the London College of Music (LCM), studying under Singaporean music educator Dr. Chua Yun Ying.

Achievements and Experience:
  • Participated in masterclasses conducted by Polish pianist Dr. Krystiand, gaining profound insights.
  • Boasts rich performance experience, organizing well-received concerts both within and outside the school.

Teaching Style:
  • With 5 years of teaching experience, specializes in personalized one-on-one instruction.
  • Cultivates a relaxed and enjoyable classroom atmosphere, tailoring lessons to individual students. Values students' thoughts and feelings, excels in communication, and exudes a friendly demeanor.
  • Aims to instill a sense of appreciation for the beauty of music in students throughout the piano learning process. Encourages the integration of music into students' lives and inspires a genuine love for music, especially among children.
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