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Low Wei Yao

Low Wei Yao
Piano Teacher (Star Teacher)
  • Graduated from University of Malaya with a major in Classical Piano
  • Holds a Master's degree from Sichuan Chengdu University - China-ASEAN College of Art
  • Brings 6 years of piano teaching experience
Educational Background:
  • Started learning piano at the age of 5 and achieved ABRSM Grade 8 and University of West London's ALCM Diploma in piano performance.
  • Completed undergraduate studies at the renowned University of Malaya in Malaysia, majoring in Classical Piano under the guidance of Mr. Lian and Dr. Lee Feng-Hsu.
  • Pursued a master's degree at Sichuan Chengdu University - China-ASEAN College of Art under the tutelage of Professor Pavel Raykerus.

Achievements and Experience:
  • Actively participated in various performances during university, including piano solo, duet, double piano, and accompaniment for choir.

Teaching Style:
  • He believes that learning music is an endless journey and adventure, emphasizing unique achievements for each student.
  • Proficient in designing engaging games to help students practice techniques while igniting their passion for music.
  • Aims to make music an integral part of students' lives, accompanying them to greater heights.
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