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Violin Lessons



ABRSM Graded Violin Course
ABRSM, the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, is one of the most popular global qualifications for music proficiency assessment. Our courses are designed based on the graded requirements of ABRSM exams, offering progressive levels from Grade 1 to Grade 8. These courses assist students in achieving recognition for their musical accomplishments through rigorous assessments in violin performance.

Our teachers hold at least a bachelor's degree in violin studies and possess extensive experience in preparing students for ABRSM examinations, guiding them to achieve outstanding results. Beyond focusing on exam preparation, our teachers also incorporate students' favourite songs at appropriate times, making each lesson lively and enjoyable. Additionally, students have the flexibility to choose between attending classes at our music centre or in the comfort of their own homes.

For dedicated students aiming for higher musical achievements, after obtaining an Grade 8 certificate, they can choose to continue their musical journey by enrolling in our Trinity Music Diploma courses.
Leisure Violin Lessons For Kids & Adults
Our leisure violin course is designed to let students relish the joy of learning the violin without the stress of exams. Have you ever envisioned yourself as a violinist, effortlessly playing your favourite tunes and popular melodies that resonate with your personal taste?

Our dedicated violin teachers tailor materials and teaching methods to each student's individual interests and learning abilities. This personalised approach not only enhances students' playing skills but also gradually instils a love for music. The design of this course aims to cultivate students' appreciation for music, making it a delightful and integral part of their lives.

Moreover, students have the flexibility to choose between attending classes at our music centre or in the comfort of their own homes. Start your musical journey with us and experience the pleasure of learning the violin in a stress-free and enjoyable environment!
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  • Can we have a Trial Session?

    Yes, this is a complimentary session. It is an opportunity to meet your potential teacher where he/she could assess your ability and spot issues on your playing. Teacher will then give a detailed consultation to parents. Free Trial session only applicable for the class conduct at our Jurong West studio.
  • Could the teacher come to students’ houses to teach?

    Yes. We have a team of full-time professional teachers who travel to all parts of Singapore to give student lessons at the convenience of their own homes.
  • At what age can a child start learning the violin?

    Many children start learning an instrument at the age of 6, but some of them can start at age of 5.
  • Can lessons be conducted online?

    Our Theory courses are conducted online. For special enquiries, online piano and violin lessons can be arranged too.
  • What happens when we do not have instrument at home?

    You can come to one of our well-equipped studios that is located closer to your house and lessons will be conducted there.

The Piano Solution Violin Class | 🎻How to pluck 4 strings on the violin (Katie's Waltz)

Violin Lessons

Welcome to The Piano Solution, your dedicated music education partner in Singapore. We are a top provider of comprehensive piano, violin, vocal and music theory lessons. Our professional and motivated teachers are dedicated to providing high-quality lessons that are tailored to individual learning styles. We ensure that students of all ages and skill levels can begin a musical journey that is properly tailored to their requirements and preferences.
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