Ma Wei

Music Director

Grace Chin

I wish my students can have an enjoyable time during their piano lessons. To me, learning doesn’t have to be dull and boring, so I will put effort to make my music lessons fun and engaging by telling stories and induce students’ imagination on the pieces that they are about to play so that they can have a better understanding on the musical shaping and expression.

Christine Natalie

A music lesson is an experience like non other. In my class, I incorporate historical insights and draw strings to other relevant musical subjects such as composers, periodic events, allowing students to grow into understanding the music they play, adding a new dimension of comprehension. Thus, when they are playing a song, it’s like telling a beautiful story.

Tan Kee Chin

In my lesson, both classical and pop music are important. The history of classical music will provide students with a variety of repertoire from different periods to obtain a strong technical and musical foundation; pop music on the other hand allows students to be able to enjoy and keep up with the ever changing trend of music, as well as stimulate and awaken the creativity in students. In general, students will be able to learn and appreciate music from both classical and pop music, allowing them a more holistic growth in their journey of music.

Tu Wan Lin

For me, teaching is like treating a disease — judging the child's weaknesses and prescribing the right medicine. In addition, through a large number of visual exercises, the children's practice speed is comprehensively improved, coupled with fixed assignments of practice and finger-focused training, combined with the pop songs to ensure that the children's path of learning the piano is fast and stable.

Teh Yan Shin

I believe every individual is musical and unique. 
By creating a safe, non-judgmental and inspiring learning environment, a musical and creative self can be nurtured. A student’s effort is more valuable than his ability. When coupled with a properly taught foundation, your child would be able to progress effectively and musically. Hence, it is my best interest to deliver quality music education that sparks curiosity among my students. I look forward to the process of growth and music making with all my students!

Liu An-Yu

I believe that self-interest is the best teacher. I will design my teaching plans according to the student's musical ability and foundation, in order to cultivate the student's interest in music. I will also stress the importance of good practicing habits. When learning piano, it's not only about learning a piece of music, but also the musical skills and expressions involved, so that the student would have a pleasurable learning experience.

Ernest Chin

Born and grown up from a musical family, I always remember how my parents and all my highly rated teacher teaching me the piano. Thus, I always love to teach my students like how my teachers taught me. I always love to analysis the music with a very simple way to let my students learn a new music much more quicker and understand why the composer compose that. I treat all my students as a very good friend and love to share my musical journey and life to my students.

Lin Cheng Hsin

My teaching policy is to patiently cultivate students' interest and knowledge in music, at the same time strictly require students to be equipped with basic skills to build a strong foundation for students. With interesting explanation and fun teaching, students can develop imagination by creating images in relation sound, thus preventing boredom and loss of motivation throughout the process of learning. In addition to classical music, the repertoire will also be paired with pop songs to strengthen sight reading and enhance the students' mastery in a variety of different musical styles.

Ong Wei Shin

I aim to motivate and guide my students towards success, however I also want them to have fun. I teach according to my students’ needs to keep things interesting.

Kathrine Leong

I often incorporate games in my teaching as I believe "learn through playing" makes learning more fun and effective. Besides teaching piano, I also stretch a lot on the practice tips and encouraging my students not only look and play, but also listen and sing more to strengthen their overall musical skills.

Chng Xin Bei

A music lesson is the best gift you can gift a child. During my lessons, I will provide insightful information that is relevant to that piece in regards to its composer, historical background, and character. That way, the students will not only be able to play the pieces accurately, but they would also gain knowledge about music history. At the same time, I would also use aural training to help them find ways to understand the structure of the music and this in turn will increase their understanding of the piece.

Lin Te-En

Chinese musician Fou T'song once said: "To be a successful pianist, you need to first be a successful musician; to be a successful artist, you need to first be a successful person." 


As a teacher, teaching is not only about passing on techniques, but most importantly it is about cultivating a positive attitude towards life. Just like how Mencius once said, "It confounds his undertakings. By all these methods it stimulates his mind, hardens his nature, and supplies his incompetencies." Through vigorous training, I would also like to cultivate the attitude of positiveness, perseverance, and the spirit of not giving up until you achieve your goals.

Ang Yuen Wee

For me, music is to inspire. As a quote commonly attributed to Plato goes, 'It (music) gives a soul to the Universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, a charm to sadness, gaiety and life to everything.'


Through music lessons, I hope students will be able to grow not only fluent with a musical instrument, but will be able to learn how to appreciate beauty, to express themselves, and ultimately, be inspired to live a more fulfilling life.




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